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About: McGranahan Associates is a HVAC and Lighting "Solutions Provider" focusing on the Industrial and Commercial marketplace. We are capable of offering engineered solutions, layouts, samples, trials, as well as a Turn-Key solutions when desired. 



Industrial Heating
LED industrial lighting
LED area lighting
Commercial Tube Heating
Our Vision:

At McGranahan Associates  we strive to provide our clients with HVAC and Lighting solutions that combine the best quality at the best value in our marketplace. We believe in offering our clients solutions that factor in the enviroment, budget, and demands an application may involve. By doing this we can develop a proposal that is going to achieve the goals of our client. 

Company Profile: McGranahan Associates Inc. was established in 1988 . We have been providing both HVAC and Lighting energy saving solutions for over 4,000 clients in Northeast Ohio. We work with our many quality HVAC contractors to bring our clients the best possible solutions. Our Lighting Business focuses on providing a true "Turn-Key" solution to our clients throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pa.  
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