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HVAC Solutions for any challenge:

At McGranahan Associates we consider ourselves as HVAC solutions experts.  We have established ourselves as a leader in the commercial/industrial market.  With over 4,000 installations in Northeast Ohio we have  a proven track record serving the HVAC contractor as well the "End User". If you are contractor, architect, or end user we are excited to work with you on any project large or small. 


Roberts Gordon Infrared
Infared Heating
  • 35-50% Energy saiving VS convetional forced hot air systems

  • We heat from the "floor on up" VS heating from the ceiling on down

  • Multiple heating zone capabilities

  • Ideal for heating Dock Areas

  • Perfect for replacing old unit heaters

  • Superior Comfort to Forced Air Heat

  • Quick heat recovery when doors are opened

Wast Heat
Waste Heat Conversion & Recovery 

Waste heat conversion into Electrical Generation

  • Convert your "Waste Heat" into low cost electrical power

  • Great ROI possibilities

  • Better return possibilites than Wind and Solar

Reclaim your waste heat and put it back into building Heat

  • Convert your waste heat into clean Heating for your factory 

  • Great ROI

  • Reliable proven technology

ICE Air Handling
Air Handling Systems
  • We offer a full line of direct and indirect fired make-up air and air turnover heating and cooling equipment for a wide range of aplicatiions

  • Great solution for solving "Negative Air Pressure" issues

  • Able to provide Air Conditioning solutions for large spaces

  • We also offer "Heat Recovery" solutions 

  • Engineering expertise included with our service

  • Multiple brands at competitive pricing

Big Fans
High Volume Low Speed Fans


  • Warehouse

  • Atriums

  • Gyms and Field Houses

  • Mfg. Space

Features and Benefits:

  • 8 -24' diameter can fit into any application                                 

  • Up to 400,000 cfm which is industry leader

  • Operates on 1-2 hp motor allowing for energy efficient operation

  • Increases heating efficiency through de-stratification of air in space

  • Improved employee productivity by cooling them through evaporitive cooling 

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